Product Lines

Product Line:

  • Polymers – Dry Concentrated/Powder and Microbead Grade

Liquid Emulsion/Dispersion Grade Flocculants

  • Coagulants – Aluminum Chloride, Blends

Polyaluminum Chloride

Iron Based Products

Ferric Sulfate


  • Defoamers – Oil and Water Based Products
  • Industrial Degreasers and  Deodorants

– Oil and Grease Control
– Odor Masking Agents
– Earth Friendly Products-Non Petroleum Based
– Oxidizers

  • Polymer Solvents and Cleaners

– Polymer Spill Removal
– Belt Press Cleaner
– Environmentally Safe Cleaners

  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Microorganism Biological Products
  • Polymer Feed Pumps and Replacement Parts

LMI® Metering Pumps

Dry Polymer Eductors and Funnels

  • Odor Control and Polymer Blending Systems

Industrial and Municipal Natural Odor Neutralizers

Odor Neutralizing Systems – Products are USDA Approved, Environmentally Safe

Indoor and Outdoor Applications – Sludge Processing Areas, Lift Stations,

Aeration Basins

Evaporative Odor Control Systems

Odor Oxidizer

Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment

Acoustic Mixing Systems for Polymer Blending

Product Safety

For Safety Data Sheet Information on any of our products please email or phone our office.

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Fax: 610-409-8212